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1.) How long will it take me to see results? It all depends on you and how well you adhere to the program. If your are consistent,you will feel a difference right away. The results should be noticeable in about thirty days.

2.) What if my weight doesn't change ? Never pay too much attention to the scale. Your weight can fluctuate up or down up to four pounds. Also, keep in mind that muscle is much denser than fat, so it's quite possible that you've replaced the fat you've lost with muscle. You should always go by the mirror, and measurements. If your waist size decreases, why would you care if you were the same weight ?

3.) I workout quite frequently, but my diet could be better. Will I still see results? You may see results, but they won't be nearly as pronounced. Contrary to popular belief, most of the calories you burn are burned during the times when you're not working out. Results are 80% about your diet, and 20% about your workout regime.

4.) Can I just rely on Cardio to lose weight ? Yes, if your diet is in check, you can just do cardio and just lose weight, but here's the catch: you still might be unsatisfied with your body even after you loose the desired amount of weight that you wanted to lose. In a nutshell, you'll end up with the dreaded skinny-fat physique, and no one wants that. If you neglect resistance training you will lose muscle tone, and it will detract from your appearance. 

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